Stage 1: Specify

  • Understanding of client's business and organization.
  • Agree position's scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting lines and profile of the desired individual with the client
  • Produce a search strategy and plan and communicate it to the client

Stage 2: Identify and Assess

  • Identify target sources and potential candidates
  • Screen and evaluate candidates
  • Produce a short-list of candidates and prepare individual profiles
  • Present the candidates to the client and get his opinion

Stage 3: Interviews

  • Facilitate meetings between client and candidates
  • Obtain feedback from both client and candidate
  • Select finalists to be interviewed

Stage 4: Select Executive

  • Arrange final interviews
  • Mediate the negotiations of salary and benefits
  • Feedback
  • Follow Up – ensure smooth transition of the executive and client satisfaction

It is our practice to maintain contact with both parties of the search process even after it’s successful completion. For the newly appointed executive it provides a possibility to smoothly fit into the new working environment. As to the client, this is an opportunity to discuss the overall performance of the appointed individual.